Tips & Tricks

Our surfaces are lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to store! Use them for flat lay shots, as vertical backgrounds, or as a gorgeous seamless backdrop- the possibilities are endless.

We rigorously tested many different vinyl materials to ensure our product is the most anti-glare on the market. All textured, stone, wood, and metal surfaces are printed from high resolution photos of real surfaces.

If treated with care, your vinyl backdrop will last you a long time. 


Getting Started 

Congratulations on your new vinyl backdrop! When unrolling the surface, there may be some slight curing around the edges. Simply let it sit unrolled for a few minutes before shooting to allow it to completely flatten. 

Tools we recommend for easy setup are a backdrop stand, clips, and a large flat surface such as a tabletop, piece of wood, or gator board.

For flat lay shots, just roll out our vinyl surface on a large flat surface place your props, and shoot!

For vertical background or seamless backdrop shots, use clips to afix your vinyl surface to a backdrop stand. We do not recommend using tape as it can leave unwanted residue on your backdrop. 

The rest is up to you- get creative with lighting, angle, and styling!



Wipe messes away with a damp cloth. Our vinyl surfaces are waterproof and stain resistant (though we always recommend caution with stain-prone foods such as turmeric, beets, red pepper paste, etc.).  Clean dust or debris easily with a microfiber cloth.

To keep your backdrop looking good as new, avoid cutting, scratching, or sliding props along the surface. Do not put hot objects such as pots or pans directly on surface.



Our vinyls are very flexible, which allows a greater creativity within your shots, but also means that they are prone to creasing if stored improperly. We recommend storing your vinyls in the shipping tube it came in! Roll it back up with the printed side facing outward to prevent curling. 

Do not fold surfaces. If creasing appears, very gently warm the vinyl with a hairdryer on the lowest setting or lay flat in the sun for a few minutes to soften it. 

Store in a cool, dry place away from sun exposure to prevent warping or discoloration.